Mega Salad Stomps Tokyo, Athens, and Rome!

“Look! There! Rising from the deep! It’s an atavistic giant come to stomp our beloved city! Arghhhhh!”

Imagine that being heard in Japanese, Greek, and Italian. Also imagine that said beast is collecting elements for dinner from these places rather than causing massive property damage.

Godzilla sidles up to the local grocer, “Pardon me. […]

Chinese Salted Fish and Eggplant Clay Pot

The last time we were in San Francisco, we went to our favorite Chinese fine dining restaurant. I always order the salted fish and eggplant cooked in a clay pot. This time, I tried to dissect the recipe. The ingredient I’d have to buy is the salted fish in order to do this the way […]

Japanese Night

I tend to figure out what I’m making for supper while at the grocery store. Since I still had some curry in my clay pot, I wasn’t really worried about what we were going to eat that night… right up until I saw the sale on ahi tuna. Needless to say, dinner plans were immediately […]

The Vitamix is Optimized!

I use my VitaMix blender. I use it a lot — one to several times a day. Every day. I’ve had my machine since 1999 and, though the motor is still strong, I’ve been through two containers. The containers are a unit with the blades at the bottom of the canister. I replaced the container […]

Malaysian Chicken Curry

In my continuing fascination with clay pot cooking, I created a curry from a variety of Malaysian spices and herbs and slow cooked them with chicken for a day. I ground quite a lot of spices into a paste in my granite mortar and pestle — my newest favorite kitchen tool — and added in […]