Chinese Salted Fish and Eggplant Clay Pot

The last time we were in San Francisco, we went to our favorite Chinese fine dining restaurant. I always order the salted fish and eggplant cooked in a clay pot. This time, I tried to dissect the recipe. The ingredient I’d have to buy is the salted fish in order to do this the way […]

Malaysian Chicken Curry

In my continuing fascination with clay pot cooking, I created a curry from a variety of Malaysian spices and herbs and slow cooked them with chicken for a day. I ground quite a lot of spices into a paste in my granite mortar and pestle — my newest favorite kitchen tool — and added in […]

Galloping Garlic!

It’s a lovely accent to a Vietnamese soup to sprinkle a bit of fried garlic upon it. Since we both enjoy it, I keep a jar of it on the shelf above the stove. One little jar lasts forever packed in its olive oil so I maybe make it once a year. This morning was […]